Bamboo Charcoal Healing Products Testimonials


A short testimonial on the benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Products


“I’ve had a recurring shoulder injury for some time now.  I would wake up to a tight and immobile shoulder.  It would take time and movement to loosen.

Hearing reports of success, I tried the Healing Bamboo Seat Mat.  20 minutes lying on it in bed before I go to sleep.  Now when I wake up I have far more ease of movement.”

Melanie C – UK


peter-newman- healing-bamboo


“This is a fantastic product and has helped me to continue playing competitive Squash.  I’ve suffered from Tennis Elbow (shooting nerve pains) in the past but by wearing supports whilst playing stopped this from occurring.

Recently however I was getting the pains despite wearing supports and was worried that this would stop me playing altogether.

After using the Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Support however for short periods on and off for a couple of days the pains completely disappeared.

I have now got more of the supports and now use them whilst playing as they provide support and warmth required without being feeling tight and too restrictive like other supports I have used.

I cannot recommend them highly enough, believe me, I have tried nearly every support available, and not one is as effective, convenient and comfortable to use as this one!”

Peter Newman Herts. County Closed ‘B’ Squash Champion 2010

“As a trainer, I occasionally suffer from shoulder pains as a result of a pelvic imbalance…

I began to use the product in conjunction with my training, and could immediately feel its warming properties, using the body’s heat to emit infrared rays from the fabric deep into the muscle tissue.

This allowed me to correct my pelvic imbalance without the strain and discomfort behind my knee joint to great effect. I would wear the support during and after training to which it significantly reduced the strained feeling I was prone to before…

..I will be continuing to use and actively promote healing bamboo and its products among my customers for a highly effective, affordable and reusable one time purchase to prevent and ease joint pains, muscle sores and stiffness and to promote relaxation under circumstances brought upon by physical muscular exertion and that of injuries of joints and muscles.”

Steve Brown founder of Target – Health fitness Lifestyle UK

I own / manage a kick boxing & Taekwondo center and am interested in promoting your product. I recently received a sample through one of your vendors, Chinaberry/Isabella Catalog.  Janet Kelly asked me to try out your knee brace as I have had knee problems and several surgeries over the years and am now looking at knee replacements.

I can honestly say in the past ten days or more that I have worn your knee brace I have felt 100% better, The tingling feeling once I put the brace on, the comfort of wearing said brace for up to 12 hours a day is comfortable the product helps keep my joint warmer then any other brace I have ever tried.

I am interested in learning more about your product as well as anything else your selling that has the same type of materials. Please respond back as time allows you as I am very excited to purchase additional braces for myself and students plus any other products that are similar.”

Grand Master Paul Le Blanc
10th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor
President & Founder of AMAA, La Mesa, CA


“I was recently introduced to the Bamboo Charcoal Health Mats.  In my practice I use a kinesiolgical testing method to determine if a product will make a person stronger.  So far I have tested 6 people to see if the mats would strengthen them.  5 out of the 6 people became stronger when using the mat.”

Dr. Fred Cypert, Naturopath, Ph.D.
3036 Luna Drive, Ventura, CA 93003  www.naturopathforyou.info  805-407-542

“This testimonial is for the bamboo charcoal mat. About six weeks ago I took a trip to Oregon.  And I drove straight through, using one of those mats.  I am here to say when I arrived to my destination.  I did not have any pain in my body.   If I had done this with out the mat, I would have been really sore and not been able to concentrate, I don’t know if I could have made it in one day.

I arrived to my destination, after 15 hours of driving, again pain free.  I returned home, feeling the same way, it is amazing.  I am starting to sleep with it at night.  I am looking forward to getting a full body size.”

Tamra Oviatt, MNLP, MTT, MHt


A short testimonial on the benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Products for pets


“I am the CFO of a publicly traded long distance telephone provider and have always tried to stay physically active and fit.

Though this has recently taken the form of low impact exercise such as ice skating and hiking, I used to run a lot.

The long-term impact of that has been a chronic aching in my knees.  I place the Bamboo Charcoal Health Mat over my knees, while I relax on the couch watching TV, and the pain and stiffness goes away as if absorbed.

I use the mat every time I hurt and the overall health of my knees has improved with the episodes of pain markedly decreasing in frequency.  It works great for me in a very simple and convenient way”

David Olert, Camarillo, CA

“While sitting on the bamboo charcoal mat, I felt a deep sensation of peace and happiness. I could feel the mat’s presence touch all the bodies of my existence, from physical to spiritual.

I have been feeling a whole lot better ever since it came into my life. I used to be unable to fall asleep for hours before I got the mat.

Ever since I’ve been sleeping on it, I am able to fall asleep with ease. The bamboo charcoal mat is a product that is necessary in many situations of life to be well. I recommend everybody should have this product.”

Harsha Malavalli Oak Park, CA

“Thank you for the Bamboo Charcoal Health Mat. My husband has had years of on again off again problems in his back and shoulder. So much so to where it leaves him frustrated and wanting a cortisone shot.

Since we received your mat he has laid on the mat for the last couple of nights and was a little leery if a mat could help to relieve pain and give more mobility.

In short, the first two nights he said he felt a warm string-like feeling while sleeping from his back to his shoulder then when he woke had more much more mobility because the pain had lessened. So much so he was able to even go to the gym.”

Tammy Morts
Wife of William Morts, Hollywood Stuntman, Canyon Country, CA

“As a Healing Arts Practitioner who also works in the Entertainment Industry, I was very open to try the Bamboo Charcoal Healing Mat.

I have chronic systemic Lyme Disease, and when I am in relapse mode, I try all kinds of new modalities, document the outcome, and share the results with the Lyme Disease Support Groups I speak at.

This particular item is something anybody who needs to detoxify their system, should definitely invest in! It worked like a portable far-infrared sauna, only at the fraction of the cost. You also get the important negative ions (similar to sitting beachside and breathing the spray from the waves.)

A ‘Herxheimer Reaction’ is a detox response exclusive to Lyme Disease, and is usually only attainable after copious amounts of oral or intravenous antibiotics, or hyperbaric oxygen treatments.Within 2 nights of sleeping on the full-sized bamboo charcoal healing mat, I was having a full-on herxheimer reaction, complete with major detox sweats, which gives the body so much relief.”

Annie Gabriel-CHT, RP,CMT
Publicist-Hollywood / Ventura, CA

“The Bamboo Charcoal Health Mat is something very special to me.

I use the long mat on our bed. Any spot that has an ache or pain is quickly removed during the night when I either lay on it (or) wrap it around the area like a blanket. In the morning I am fresh and at it again.

The sitting mat also works well, especially when I am at the computer for a couple hours at a time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Ken Brown
Business Owner

“As a massage therapist and college student I need as much energy as I can get. I find that relaxing in a quiet place with a book on top of my bamboo charcoal mat really picks me back up and reinvigorates my spirits.

First time I ever tried it I could feel the energy absorbing into me, I’ve made friends try it and they are equally surprised at the sensation and re-energizing feeling.

I try and take a quick cat nap on my bamboo charcoal mat whenever I get the chance, I don’t know why or how, but I know that I feel great afterward and ready to start again.”

Ryan C. Thom, Massage Therapist
Westlake Village, CA


“Having listened to tales of woe regarding my partner’s RSI, and having supplied different products on numerous occasions that met with rejection, imagine my joy when I presented with a Healing Bamboo wrist wrap, and I got the thumbs up!!

He hasn’t taken it off since and it’s doing the job.

My sincere thanks, Healing Bamboo.”

Margaret M. UK

“I have been a bricklayer for 40 years and have been having discomfort in my knees and elbows. I asked my wife to pop into Natural Health, our local health shop and get some glucosamine tablets to help relieve the pain. She spoke to a member of staff who recommended these new Healing Bamboo charcoal knee supports which she purchased.

Having worn it for 2 days I noticed a remarkable difference in comfort in my knee i.e. lack of soreness and discomfort plus an ease of walking upstairs. I have just gone back to the shop to buy the elbow and back supports.

Very Impressed!”

Kevin Fitzsimons Age 56. UK


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